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At last, an easier but REAL way to exercise, plus support for MAINTAINING a physically active lifestyle. Peebee provides solutions for exercising more easily, and for overcoming the obstacles which commonly prevent people from maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the longer term.

Exercise more easily, close to home, with ‘pay as you go’ functionality, in groups of people with similar needs under the guidance of appropriately qualified trainers and with cutting edge support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the longer term. And if your area doesn’t yet offer what you want, simply post a request for trainers to respond to.


Peebee Trainer / Business
No contracts or obligation. Attend the classes you want, when you want, where you want.
Peebee Trainer / Business
Explore local classes via our FREE app. Book your place at the touch of a button.
Peebee Trainer / Business
Find local exercise buddies. People with similar needs to you, to help motivate each other.
Peebee Trainer / Business
Find what approach works best for you. Maintain your changes over time.
peebee google play
peebee app store
peebee google play
peebee app store

Peebee APP:

  • Provides exercise options close to home, on one convenient platform.
  • Facilitates the formation of small groups who exercise regularly together.
  • Helps you access appropriately qualified trainers.
  • It enables you to avoid long-term gym contracts, and to rather ‘pay-as-you-go’.
  • Provides free access to the Peebee Steps - professionally designed to help you maintain your positive lifestyle changes.
  • Helps you develop a more useful mindset for starting to exercise, and build confidence in your ability to follow through.
  • Helps you to connect with people in your area who have similar exercise needs.
  • Allows you to request specific classes, which approved trainers can respond to.

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  • A sensible, consistent and lasting approach to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. (Rather than any quick fixes).
  • Convenience.
  • Effort and a willingness to step outside of existing comfort zones (in order to make real change).
  • A focus on health, energy, mobility and quality of life (rather than weight loss).
  • The uniqueness of people, and the importance of experimenting to find what works best for you.
  • One step at a time.
  • Making the most of your current capacity (rather than some fantasy or perfect ideal).
  • A focus on solutions rather than problems.
  • Making conscious decisions (rather than avoiding).
  • Truthful thinking (rather than positive / negative thinking).
  • Overall life ‘balance’.
  • Managing your energy (as opposed to just your time).
  • Continuous improvement - in you, and in ourselves. (We are committed to continuously researching better ways to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle).