We want to help you change your mind, your body, and your life.

It’s not just about starting to exercise, but also about learning to maintain a it over the longer term.

Not in a ‘rah-rah’ kind of manner, but by keeping it real, practical, and flexible.

Many people have the intention to be more physically active, but struggle to maintain it. The obstacles can be both internal (too self-conscious to go to a gym) and external (e.g. anxieties about safety when out hiking).

We are committed to helping people get around these obstacles so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle over time.

To have more people exercising more regularly, flexibly and conveniently, in small groups of people with similar needs who encourage each other, under the guidance of qualified trainers and with cutting-edge support for maintaining healthy behaviours over the longer term.

Trainers on the app offer group classes in a particular area, while members of the public can use the app to search for classes they’d like to attend. They can also make specific requests if what they are looking for isn’t yet available in a certain area. Appropriately qualified personal trainers are notified and given a chance to respond to these requests.

Booking and payment happens securely in app.

All this while Peebee Steps provide input on how to develop healthy exercise ‘habits’.


The name Peebee comes from the term ‘personal best’. Our mission is to help everyone to become the best version of themselves possible. Even more important, to help you maintain this state of well-being over time.

We value convenience, simplicity, flexibility and inclusivity.

Our focus is on health, energy, mobility and quality of life.

We are students of will-power, and are committed to continuously researching better ways to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle (and overcome any barriers to this).

We value science and best practice, and collaborate with world-class researchers to ensure that we continue to provide you with the best possible advice.

Our intention is to be genuine, honest, trustworthy and fully committed to transparency in how we operate.

Finally, we value feedback from our trainers and users, so that we can keep doing our best to help you live your personal best.