Peebee is about achieving your personal best. This has always been the driving objective of founder and psychologist, Clinton Gahwiler. Clinton has a deep passion for wellness, exercise and helping others to make and maintain positive lifestyle changes. From his 25 years of experience of running a successful health and sport psychology practice at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), he identified a need for a service like Peebee.

A lot of his work with individual clients and on programmes such as the SSISA Healthy Weight programme, focuses on overcoming the internal obstacles to maintaining positive changes - the fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs that get in the way of achieving our goals, and sometimes even result in self-sabotage.

Clinton also observed the huge value and support that fellow exercisers bring to each other, and this lead to him running Lifestyle Support Groups for people who were struggling to maintain exercise and healthy eating habits on their own. From this it was just a short jump to trying to find easier ways for them to also exercise together, and in this way the initial idea for Peebee was born.

In 2017 Clinton was fortunate enough to cross paths with investor Iain Buchanan, who immediately bought into the vision and believed that Peebee could make a difference to many people, as he himself related to the challenges around maintaining a consistently active lifestyle! With shared values and intent, these two founding partners set about turning the idea into reality.

Interestingly enough it was the tech people that they engaged with who early on pointed to the unique value that the psychological side could bring to this app, and thus the idea for the Peebee Steps was added into the mix. Future versions of the Peebee app will feature ever more comprehensive versions of this unique functionality.

Today, after two years of development we are finally at the point of testing the basic app to identify and iron out the inevitable bugs. But watch this space - the story has only just begun...