Due to the current events caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is forced to stay at home to prevent the spreading of the disease.
We have decided to record and stream live exercise sessions to help you keep balance on your physical and mental health.

Join us at these specific times for different online sessions!
You can even involve the entire family.

*Schedules are likely to change every week, so stay tuned.

peebee schedule

Beginners Movement Class

Posture Correction:

HIIT Sessions

30min High Intensity Interval Session with Catherine Priday:

30min High Intensity Interval Session:

30min HIIT WORKOUT with Cath Priday:

Workout for Children

9-12 Year Old 30 Minute Workout:

Psychology tips

Psychology tips: Day 1/21:

Psychology tips: Day 2/21:

Psychology Tips: Day 3/21:

Psychology Tips: Day 4/21:

Psychology Tips: Day 5/21:


Week 1

Day 3 - Strength session:

Day 4 - Strength Workout:

Day 5 - Optimum Lifestyle Strength Workout:

Week 2

Day 1 - Strength Workout:

Day 2 - Strength Workout:

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow Grounding Sequence:

Yoga Flow - Grounding Sequence:

Yoga Vinyasa Flow - 55 mins: