Peebee STEPS


Imagine there were some clearly defined steps towards developing an exercise habit.

The 9 Peebee Steps are exactly that - a summary of some of the main principles and tasks which - if you do them properly - will help you to move towards your goals in a consistent manner. They can also help you overcome some of the obstacles which in the past might have gotten in the way of you maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The focus is currently on exercise, but the principles apply equally to other areas such as eating habits.

You probably do not need the Steps if you are consistently maintaining a healthy lifestyle - one which optimises your health, energy general wellbeing and overall quality of life.


  • if you feel you have no willpower, or
  • if you have tried and failed repeatedly to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or
  • if you typically start your resolutions with a bang and then fizzle,
  • if you are better at keeping promises to others than you are to yourself,
  • if you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns around exercise, eating and weight, and
  • if you are tired of the obsession around fast weight loss and want to rather make real, gradual changes that will produce lasting effects,

…then this might just be one of the most important investments of your time and effort that you ever make. No cost, nothing else - just your time and effort.

The Peebee Steps are currently a work in progress. We value any feedback and input. Our aim is to make the Steps as practically useful to you as possible.

Currently, in the ‘Steps’ section of the app, you can:

  • Rate yourself on each of the 9 Steps. (This gives an indication of how well you are applying yourself to doing what it takes to make real, lasting change).
  • Engage with the app on each of these items, learning and reflecting as you go.
  • Navigate freely around the Steps, focusing on whatever you are struggling with most at any given moment.
  • Re-score yourself as often as you like in order to track your progress.

Please note that you are currently using version 1 of the Peebee Steps. You can in the new future expect updated versions with broadened structures and deepened content.

You can contribute to these by telling us what needs of yours we are not yet addressing.

If you want to change - expect a journey.

It needs to be such, if you are going to do it properly, once and for all.

A journey that might take some time, and won’t always be easy.

Our mission is to help you get properly ready for this journey of change, and to support you along the way.

We recommend that you start at the beginning and work in order through Steps 1 - 9.

That said, it doesn’t really matter - you can jump in anywhere, as long as it is relevant and useful to you.

We do suggest that you start by rating yourself on the 9 Steps, and that you re-rate yourself every so often, in order to track your progress.

You can also use the Steps as a reference source for if & when you are struggling with something in particular.

In short - absolutely, yes! Humans are in fact excellent adaptors compared to other species. This goes a long way to explaining our dominance on the planet.

Every time we practice something, we get a little bit better at it. The problem is that this applies not just to the good habits, but to the bad ones too. So if we practice the wrong thing more than we do the right thing, then it will feel like it is impossible to change.

When in fact, we are actually changing. But in the wrong direction. It can be scary to change, but if we are prepared to face the fear, and spend more time on these new habits than on the comfortable old ones, we are absolutely able to make real, lasting change.

Not easy, but possible. Peebee’s mission is to help you with this. Steadily, one patient but determined step at a time.

Well, how ready is ready?

In truth, there is no perfect readiness, and waiting to get perfectly ready can in itself become a form of avoidance.

If you’re breathing, you are ready to change.